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In 2010, I had a secret dream of being a romance novelist. 💭

Late at night when my kids were in bed, I’d pour a drink 🍷, turn on some music 🎶, sit down at my computer 💻 and let the words flow out of me. ✨

And then... there those words would sit, collecting digital dust in my files for the next… 8 YEARS! ☠️

Any time I would think of doing something with them, I would slip into information overwhelm 😫

Convincing myself that getting published, be it self or traditional, was too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. 🙅🏻‍♀️

When I considered sharing what I wrote AT ALL, even if it was just in a writing community, I’d freak out and decide what I wrote wasn’t good enough. 💔

Skip forward to 2018, and 🌈 a magical thing happened.

I became a romance ghostwriter 💋 👻… meaning I got PAID every single month to WRITE ROMANCE NOVELS. 💸

Within a year, I was supporting myself and my family full-time as a romance novelist.

Since then, I have spent the last five years stumbling deeper into the lucrative world of romance fiction in everything from…

✅ ghostwriting 70+ novels for my clients

✅consulting work for ghostwriting agencies and large-scale romance publishers

✅ spreading the gospel of romance fiction queendom to as many aspiring novelists as possible.

I don’t want another aspiring romance novelist to waste over 8 years letting their stories collect dust when there are multiple ways they could be making money from the words they’ve written!

🪄 I designed the Romance Fiction Queens community to stop that very thing from happening.

I am on a mission to make sure no aspiring romance novelist makes the same mistake I did by sitting on that dream for nearly a decade before realizing - breaking into this industry can be fun, simple, and oh-so-profitable!



What is a romance fiction queen?

  • She thinks getting PAID to WRITE ROMANCE sounds like a dream come true - and is ready to take the steps to turn that dream into a reality
  • She LOVES writing and reading romance novels - or wants to learn and dive deep into this world!
  • She loves romance novels because they're fun, entertaining, and radical. You know the quote - women who read are dangerous? Well, women who read romance novels are the most dangerous of all. And we're coming for all that $$$
  • She loves reading and storytelling and is ready to turn that passion into profits
  • She’s ready to get serious about writing romance, ghostwriting, self-publishing - or all of the above!
  • She’s willing to do the work to learn and grow to make this work, but just needs a supportive, kind, encouraging community to boost her confidence and remind her - she can totally do this!
That's me! I'm a Romance Fiction Queen! Take me to my people...
So what qualifies me to lead such a bad-ass powerful community of talented romance fiction queens?
  • 70+ (and counting) romance novels ghostwritten for my clients, many of which have gone on to be Amazon best-sellers
  • I’ve done consulting and project management work for some of the biggest romance publishing platforms in the industry today
  • I get paid by clients for my genre and market expertise
  • My ghostwriting and consultant background put me through intensive training on how to create romance novels that we could guarantee would be profitable to our clients

I serve up my expertise and insights to help aspiring romance novelists write awesome stories, share their work with the world, have fun, make money - all on their own terms with the freedom and flexibility of designing their own days and working from home.



  • I love reading romance, and I want to write my own… but I don’t think I’m any good
  • No one would ever pay me money to write romance
  • I want to build my confidence and conquer those fears, but I don’t know where to start!
  • Self-publishing sounds so expensive and overwhelming
  • I struggle staying focused on my romance writing goals (or even knowing which goals to set to begin with!)
  • I want to write romance, but I need something to hold me accountable and to help me find the motivation and confidence to keep going
  • I don’t know what to write
  • Ghostwriting sounds great and all, but these clients on UpWork don't pay enough!
  • I want this, but HELP!

...then the Romance Fiction Queen
community is for you.

I fuel my extensive genre and market expertise straight to you through the RFQ video vault, masterclasses, and workshops 🪄 to take the guesswork out of everything from

✔️ what to write

✔️ how long books should be

✔️ how and where to land ghostwriting clients

✔️ and every other romance writing-related thing you can think of.

Not only do I help you write great romance through personalized feedback and coaching, but I show you how to write romance that SELLS. 🤯 Which you can then publish for yourself, or offer your skills up to ghostwriting clients to start making money now 🤑 - or a combo of both!

Our supportive, kind, encouraging community gives you the confidence boost and accountability you need to reach whatever your unique romance queendom goals are. 💖

This community and the queens within it are for you if...
You love reading and writing romance fiction - or you want to learn!
You’re open to constructive (always kind, supportive, and encouraging) feedback to help you learn and grow so you can actually profit from the stories you write
You know no amount of support and resources this community offers can do it all for you, and you’re willing to put in some work and ambitious goal setting to make your romance writing dreams a reality
Everything you’ve read so far has left you feeling PUMPED UP and ready to make this happen!
This queendom space is NOT for you if...
You’re offended by the occasional swear word or open conversations about sex and intimacy in its many forms (kind of an occupational requirement)
You want to stay in research, info-gathering mode. This group will teach you A LOT, but it’s designed so you can learn by DOING. If you’re not ready to make some moves, this probably isn’t the right group for you.
The slightest, most gentle critique of your writing work sends you into freak-out mode! None of us are perfect, and none of us can learn how to write what readers and clients are craving if we don’t adapt and push ourselves to grow.
You legitimately honestly 100% cannot afford it. Scholarship options are sometimes available for those who are legitimately struggling and feel this could be a life-changing opportunity. If that's you - reach out to: mai at romancefictionqueen dot com
This is for me! Sign me up!
"I worked with Mai one on one and she is a powerhouse."

Her wealth of knowledge in this industry amazes me. She brings practical, helpful advice for every level of talent from beginner to advanced, and adds a touch of sass too. I love her reusable manipulatives, specifically her outline templates and series bible template. They have taken my freelance writing business to the next level. I still have so much to learn, and this Romance Fiction Queen is the best teacher. 




The core course videos, downloads, templates and workbooks are immediately available inside of your member library.

  • PEN NAME LAUNCHPAD ($1327 value)



PLUS free access to all future romance market reports released during your active membership. Whether you're trying to become the go-to romance market expert to charge a higher rate for your freelancing services, or you just want confidence that the books you're writing are what readers are buying and searching for right now - these romance market reports will save you thousands of dollars in expensive tools and hours of time in research.

(Value = $39.99) Included inside of your Romance Fiction Queen Membership for FREE


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - 2023 was the year I decided to start offering my genre and market expertise through group and 1:1 coaching, and since this is still a fairly new way of providing my services, our queendom is still just small enough that I can offer free 1:1 coaching sessions at its current size. Subject to be removed during future enrollment periods if the group grows too big!

(Value = $6674) Included inside of your Romance Fiction Queen Membership for FREE


Everything you need to plot, plan, write and FINISH your romance novel - I have successfully completed over 70 romance novels, oftentimes completing 3 to 5 a month for my ghostwriting clients - many of which went on to be best sellers on Amazon. After years spent locked alone in a room with nothing by my keyboard and imagination, writing for eight hours every single day - I developed quite a few nifty tricks to help me write more and question myself less. This workbook and planner are designed to help you do the same. They will guide you every step of the way - making the process as simple and seamless as possible so your imagination and creativity have the freedom to play on the page.

(Value = $37) Included inside of your Romance Fiction Queen Membership for FREE


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO LAUNCH YOUR ROMANCE GHOSTWRITING BUSINESS - This Romance Ghostwriter Superstack includes a PLETHORA of tools and templates to help you build your ghostwriting business and take it to the next level. You'll get a Terms of Business Workbook, Ghostwriting Contract Template, and Do's and Don'ts Reference Sheets on confidentiality, feedback, and cold outreach and oh SO VERY much more. I don't call it a superstack for nothin

(Value = $47) Included inside of your Romance Fiction Queen Membership for FREE

= Over $6700 in Bonuses for... FREE

Combined with the $3,892.88 value of what's included in the membership - that's OVER 10 GRAND IN SAVINGS

(okay, so now as I'm typing this I'm realizing I'm probably insane for offering this membership at such a low price 🤪)

Oh, did I mention that you save an additional $107 when you opt for the annual pass? 😮

Okay, but what's that ROI looking like? ↩️

  • If you follow the advice in the course, you could be making 2k a month or more in ghostwriting and/or have a lucrative self-publishing business within 6 to 12 months
  • That’s your monthly investment X 30! 🤯
This is for me! Sign me up!

So I know how scary it can be to invest in something new like this.

What if you get in there and you don’t like it or it's just not working out for you?


You can cancel your monthly membership absolutely any time - no questions asked. You don’t even have to contact me to do it. You can pop into your account settings and do it yourself. And later on if the timing is better and you’d like to come back - we’ll welcome you with open arms!

Want proof that the Romance Fiction Queens membership is all it's cracked up to be?

Hear directly from the other queens about what their experience has been like.

"Mai is perhaps one of the toughest, smartest, and most knowledgeable people I know in the writing industry."

She mentored me through a really rough patch right at the beginning of a difficult writing project, and I have adored her for her kindness ever since. She is insanely hardworking and endlessly generous with constructive feedback. She takes time out of her life to stay connected with her people and support their careers, and one of these days she's probably going to rule the world… so yeah—take the course! Once you have her on your side, there's no looking back :)


Trisha Ray Ganguly

"Wow I’m just still continually amazed with all these fabulous resources!"

Not only that, but the way they are each presented is clear, simple, and elegant. I am stoked to follow through with all the fabulous guidance in the Superstack. It really is super!! It’s clear you obviously know what you’re talking about when you say “premium service”. Your own examples show that to your fledgling Queens. Yet you are still able to show how achievable that level of professional quality in presenting one’s services can be even for a beginner. Not just inspirational, but more importantly motivational! 



The biggest struggles I hear aspiring romance writers lamenting over…
  • Motivation and time management! You want to write romance, but finding the time and inspiration is a struggle.
  • The know-how - When you DO manage to find the time and energy to write, you’re lacking confidence and second-guessing every word you put on the page. You don’t know what to do with your words when you’re done. How do you turn that passion into profit? How do you know what you’re writing can make $$$? Will anyone even want to read it!?
  • Overwhelm! When you dive into the depths of the internet to try and answer your questions and solve the above dilemmas, you’re quickly overwhelmed and drowning in information! There are too many options and it’s just too much.
Here’s how the Romance Fiction Queen community helps you DOMINATE every single one of those…
  • Bonus resources like the Romance Novel Planner + writing workbook will help you carve out the mental and physical space in your life to write. The videos in the vault cover all the mindset obstacles, and the support and accountability of the group help you feel like a sparkling, magical, romance fiction queen!
  • The community combined with the 1:1 access to me guarantees answers to all of your biggest questions and everything you need to troubleshoot anything you may encounter on your romance writing journey. PLUS you’ll be backed up with the confidence of knowing it’s all based on extensive market and genre expertise and industry insights. You’ll know how to deliver what readers are craving.
  • We make the process as simple and fun as possible. This is about staying power and enjoying the journey. Not hustle burn out and info-dumping overwhelm! If this vault ever feels like too much, that’s what myself and the other queens are here for!

Imagine that in just 3 to 6 months...

  • You have a finished romance novel under your belt with the added confidence that it’s something readers are craving!
  • You have a writing schedule that works for you, and the confidence and motivation to back it up.
  • On days when you’re not feeling like a magical queen, you have a support network to turn to that will build you back up.
  • You know exactly what action steps to take for turning your passion into profits - be it through ghostwriting and/or self-publishing
  • And you have the guidance and 1:1 support you need to tackle any obstacle that may come up for you along the way.
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