Ep 4 - Good Enough Book Marketing with Emily Enger

Season #1

I’m excited to share with you our first ever guest expert session here on the podcast! I had the opportunity to have such a great conversation with Emily Enger of Good Enough Book Marketing. Emily is a book marketing and publicity coach, and She teaches poets, fiction, and creative nonfiction authors how to incorporate minimalist marketing strategies into their creative process so they become successful without feeling overwhelmed. We talk about everything from how to sell your work without feeling like a sell out, do writers really need social media in their marketing strategy, and even - cycle synching - which if you don’t know what that is, I have a feeling you’re going to be just as thrilled about this concept as I was. Be sure to snag Emily’s free guide: "7 Book Marketing Activities You Can Stop Doing Today” at [https://www.goodenoughbookmarketing.com/](https://www.goodenoughbookmarketing.com/)